An interdisciplinary approach to understanding society’s most pressing problems.

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For more than 35 years, Gruter Institute has brought together academics and practitioners from diverse fields to exchange knowledge and foster collaboration across disciplines.

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Matt Ridley at our Squaw Valley Conference

“Gruter is great gathering of smart people, a flurry of interesting ideas, and the calm wisdom to distill it.”

Matt Ridley, Bestselling Author
Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19
The Evolution of Everything, The Rational Optimist

Our Collaborative Labs

We invite an extended network of academics and practitioners to engage in cutting edge research and publication in interdisciplinary frontiers. Our Collaborative Labs bring new insights to challenges ranging from pandemic policy, understanding innovation, leadership, environmental regulation, and artificial intelligence.


150+ Events Inclusive of Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Panel Discussions, Workshops, and Symposia

Since its founding in 1981, the Gruter Institute has partnered with leading universities and institutions and gathered leading specialists in myriad fields including law, economics, and evolutionary biology to share their recent research. The proceedings of many of our events have been published in a wide array of books and academic journals worldwide. 

Most Recent Events

159. The Evolution of Kissing and Adaptive Trade-Offs in Human Contact: Perspectives in Evolutionary Biology, Immunology Human Behavior, and Implications for the Increasingly Digital Age

158. Isolation and Impersonal Interaction in a Digital, Post-Pandemic Society: Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Effects on Cooperation and Trust

157. The Evolution of Parasites and Infectious Disease: Perspectives in Biology, Human Behavior, and Institutions

35+ Years

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