Anula Jayasuriya

Founding Partner
Evolvence India Life Science Fund

 Anula Jayasuriya, MD, PhD, is a founding partner in the Evolvence India Life Science Fund. She was a life science venture capitalist with ATP Capital LLC based in New York City, and a partner with Skyline Ventures in Palo Alto, and prior to that with the German – US venture capital firm TVM, in San Francisco. Anula received a BA from Harvard summa cum laude , having worked under the supervision on E.O. Wilson. She received an M.D. and Ph.D. (in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics) from Harvard Medical School, and completed an internship at Children’s Hospital in Boston before leaving for Harvard Business School where she received her MBA. Anula’s expertise consists of a unique combination of business, basic science and medical knowledge. She was VP- Corporate development at Genomics Collaborative Inc, a Genomics company in Cambridge where she was responsible for business development activities and forging alliances with biotech, institutional, academic and pharmaceutical collaborators. She was also a Vice President, Global Drug Development at Hoffman-La Roche for opportunistic infections in AIDS and Transplantation. Prior to that she was in the US sales and marketing arm of Syntex, a California pharmaceutical company that was acquired by Roche. In addition, her other board affiliations include Interplast, lifesciencePartner, Lipomics, Triesta Sciences and currently, HBS Health.