Charles R. Taylor

Executive Fellow
Office of Financial Research, U.S. Treasury

Charles R. Taylor joined the Office of Financial Research in the U.S. Treasury as Executive Fellow in November 2015. There his research into financial stability has focused on capital policy for banks, the diversity of the financial system and financial innovation. Diversity is part of a larger theme in his research of applying evolutionary theory to the study of financial stability. Related topics of interest include: trends in regulatory complexity; whether the financial system is self-critical in the sense of having an internal tendency towards unstable states; culture in financial institutions and at supervisory agencies; and the complexity of financial institutions and in the relationships between them. For the previous four years he was Deputy Comptroller of the Currency for Capital and Regulatory Policy. In that capacity, he represented the Comptroller on the Basel Committee where he chaired the Supervision and Implementation Group. Before that, he was Director of the bipartisan Pew Financial Reform Project which advocated for financial reform in the run-up to the Dodd-Frank Act and, earlier in his career, he was Executive Director of the Group of Thirty where he co-wrote several papers on financial policy, including the path-breaking study “Derivatives: Practices and Principles”. His career included stints in consulting and on Wall Street. He has written and spoken widely on public policy issues. He has degrees from Cambridge, Oxford and Wharton in mathematics, economics and business respectively. He is a fellow of the Wharton Financial Institutions Center and a member of the Risk Management Association.