Robert Cooter

Herman F. Selvin Professor of Law
University of California, Berkeley

Robert Cooter is a pioneer in the field of law and economics. He began teaching in the Department of Economics at UC Berkeley in 1975 and joined the Boalt faculty in 1980. He has been a visiting member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton and a recipient of various awards and fellowships, including Guggenheim, the Jack N. Pritzker Visiting Research Professorship at Northwestern Law School, and, most recently, the Max Planck Research Prize. He was an Olin visiting professor at the University of Virginia Law School and lectured at the University of Cologne in 1989. He is co editor of the Review of Law and Economics. He is one of the founders of the American Law and Economics Association and served from 1994 to 1995 as its president. In 1999 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is also one of the founders of the Latin American Law and Economics Association, and also the Comparative Law and Economics Forum. Cooter has published a wide variety of articles on private law, constitutional law and economics, and law and economic development. Recent publications include the third edition of the leading textbook Law and Economics (with Ulen, 1999), also translated into Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. He has also authored “Commodifying Liability” in The Fall and Rise of Freedom of Contract (1999), “Law from Order: Economic Development and the Jurisprudence of Social Norms” in A Not-so-Dismal Science: A Broader, Brighter Approach to Economies and Societies (1999), “Punitive Damages” in Philosophy of Law: An Encyclopedia (1999), and “Does Risk to Oneself Increase the Care Owed to Others? Law and Economics in Conflict” in the Journal of Legal Studies (with Porat, 2000).