Sarah Brosnan

Acting Chair, Department of Psychology
Georgia State University

Dr. Sarah Brosnan is the Acting Chair of the department of psychology at Georgia State University. She is also a Distinguished University Professor in the departments of philosophy and the Neuroscience Institute, Co-Director of the Language Research Center, and Director of the 2CI in Primate Social Cognition, Evolution and Behavior Fellows program. In her research she utilizes a comparative approach to study the function of and mechanisms underlying decision-making. Through the study of  a variety of species, particularly non-human primates,she explores the behavioral, cognitive and hormonal mechanisms underlying decision-making and how these decisions are influenced by ecology and the social environment.Dr. Brosnan is also a member of the Brains & Behavior program and faculty in the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience. She directs the Comparative Economics and Behavioral Sciences Laboratory (CEBUS Lab) and conducts behavioral and cognitive research with nonhuman primates at both the Language Research Center of Georgia State University and the Michale E. Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine and Research of the UT/MD Anderson Cancer Center.  She also collaborates with colleagues at Zoo Atlanta, The Wolf Science Center in Ernstbrunn, Austria, the Economic Science Institute, Florida Tech, and numerous other universities around the world. For more information about Dr. Brosnan and her research, click here.