Susan Dudley

Founder, George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center
George Washington University

Susan Dudley is founder of the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center and distinguished professor of practice in the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration. 

She is a past president of the Society for Benefit Cost Analysis, a senior fellow with the Administrative Conference of the United States, chair of the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project Regulatory Process Working Group, and on NormAI’s advisory board. 

Professor Dudley served as the Presidentially-appointed Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, directed the Regulatory Studies Program at the Mercatus Center, taught courses on regulation at the George Mason University School of Law, served as a staff economist at OIRA, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and as a consultant to government and private clients at Economists Incorporated. She holds a Master of Science degree from the Sloan School of Management at MIT and a Bachelor of Science degree (summa cum laude) in Resource Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her book, Regulation: A Primer, with Jerry Brito, is available on