Since 1981, the Gruter Institute for Law and Behavioral Research has organized and facilitated over one hundred and fifty conferences, workshops, panel discussions and symposia. Titles listed in bold are linked to specific agendas, as available. The proceedings of many conferences have been published.

79. Judgment: Restoring Harmony in Law and Art

University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, California
January 10th, 2003

78. The Science, Policy, and Law of Additive Substances: Licit and Illicit Strategies in the Context of Tobacco

Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, California
November 15th, 2002

77. Neuroesthetics: Sense of Art, Sense of Justice

Essen, Germany
June 29th, 2002

76. Investigating Justice: Applying Evolutionary Biology to Right and Wrong in the Law

Squaw Valley, California
June 13th, 2002

75. Evolutionary Biology and the Social Sciences

Harvard Business School, Cambridge, Massachusetts
March 27th, 2002

74. Neurological Basis for Justice

University of California at San Francisco, San Francisco, California
November 16th, 2001

73. Recent Developments in Neuroscience and Law

Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
October 12th, 2001

72. Evolutionary Biology, Economics, and Law

Squaw Valley, California
June 6th, 2001

70. The Future of Intellectual Property: Biotechnology

69. Evolution and Social Behavior

University of California at Los Angeles, The Center for Governance, Los Angeles, California
April 20th, 2001

67. Biology and Law

Seewiesen, Germany
March 14th, 2001

64. Windows for Justice

University of Munich, Munich Germany
February 16th, 2001

63. Sexual Slavery: The Trafficking of Women and Girls into the United States for Sexual Exploitation

UC Hastings College of Law, Berkeley, California
February 9th, 2001

62. Law, Behavioral Biology and Economics

Arizona State University College of Law, Phoenix, Arizona
November 17th, 2000

61. Windows for Justice

University of Munich, Munich, Germany
September 6th, 2000

60. Evolutionary Biology, Economics, Business and Law

Squaw Valley, California
June 11th, 2000