The Impact of AI: an Interdisciplinary Analysis

How will AI Impact Human Behavior and Human Biology?

With the power and sophistication of AI increasing every year, the potential impacts are countless. From reduced in person social interactions, changes in labor markets, effects on education, influence on medicine/biology, and the biggest potential impact of all: the risk of humans losing control of AI (see open letter calling for pause on AI, from the Future of Life Institute). These issues foster a host of questions to which our interdisciplinary toolkit is uniquely helpful. Among the topics we will explore: is AI the new biology? Is AI markedly different from the displacement caused by technologies throughout history, e.g. textile weaving machines, automobiles, and the like? Is AI contributing to or curing human isolation? How might AI affect how we measure human prosperity?

Gruter has been a critical part of my academic life basically since I started in academia.

Claire Hill
Professor and James L. Krusemark Chair in Law, University of Minnesota School of Law

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