Open Science

Big Data, Disciplinary Diversity and Open Inquiry

One of the chief lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic is the insight that science is ever-evolving, big and complex, and requires an open competition of ideas. Yet, there is tremendous pressure in the society, especially during challenging times of emergency, to appear static, well-understood, and to draw from one area of “expertise” as opposed to facilitating a competition of ideas. How can society better facilitate competition amongst scientific ideas? The Institute has a long history of bringing together thinkers from myriad fields: evolutionary biology, anthropology, law, economics and many others. We have found that using this toolkit to foster inter-disciplinary analysis of issues in society is a critical means for facilitating a competition of ideas which in turn leads to rich insight, in a collaborative manner. We will be looking for projects that allow us to better understand how to scale the type of interdisciplinary competition of ideas we use – our Gruter toolkit – to the critical issues in science and society.

Gruter’s function as a place to test your ideas is invaluable.

Peter Willis

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