Gruter Fellow Authored

The Research Fellows of the Institute and others who have attended the Gruter Institute programs have published countless scholarly books, book chapters, and articles drawing on their work and experiences with the Institute.  The most recent works can be found on the webpages of each of these scholars and writers; for work that preexists their own webpages, the following provides a sampling of this work, with an emphasis on law-related publications:

Articles & Papers

Reciprocity and the Law

Christopher Badcock, 22 Vermont Law Review (1998)

Sex and Temperament in Modern Society: A Darwinian View of the Glass Ceiling and the Gender Gap

Kingsley R. Browne, 37 AZ L. J. 975 (1995)

Biotechnology and the Creation of Ethics

Raymond R. Coletta, 32 McGeorge L. Rev. 89 (2000)

The Measuring Stick of Regulatory Takings: A Biological and Cultural Analysis

Raymond R. Coletta, 1 J. of Con. L. 20 (199*)

Gender Differences in Biological and Sociological Predictors of Crime

Deborah W. Denno, 22 Vermont L. Rev. 305 (1998)

The Genome and the Law: Or Should Increased Knowledge Change the Law?

Donald E. Elliott, 25 Harv. J. of L. & Pub. Pol’y 61(2002)