Gruter Fellow Authored

The Research Fellows of the Institute and others who have attended the Gruter Institute programs have published countless scholarly books, book chapters, and articles drawing on their work and experiences with the Institute.  The most recent works can be found on the webpages of each of these scholars and writers; for work that preexists their own webpages, the following provides a sampling of this work, with an emphasis on law-related publications:

Books and Book Chapters

Biology at Work: Rethinking Sexual Equality

Kingsley Browne (2002)

Divided Labours: An Evolutionary View of Women at Work

Kingsley Browne (1998)

Good Natured: The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals

Frans De Waal (1996)

Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among the Apes

Frans De Waal (2000)

What Price the Moral High Ground?

Robert H. Frank (2003)

Adaptive Rationality in the Moral Emotions in Handbook of Affective Sciences

Robert H. Frank (Davidson, Schere and Goldsmith eds., 2003)