The Role of Money in Innovation and Growth

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How money facilitates or hinders innovation and economic growth is a complex and important topic. The Institute will explore the importance of money as an incentive to innovation in the initial/creative phase, the role of money in the commercialization phase (regulatory burdens and all), and finally the role of money in the market expansion phase. In the first phase, money enables exploration and tinkering and compensates creative effort, and in the latter phases, money also allows for navigation of/compliance with regulation and expansion, with possible regulatory capture. Better understanding the role of money along this trajectory will improve our understanding of how money affects rates of innovation and economic growth.

Gruter has connected me with colleagues that have given me new insights into the psychology side of my area of expertise.

John Doe
Physicist, University of California

Biology at Work: Rethinking Sexual Equality

Divided Labours: An Evolutionary View of Women at Work

Founder, George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center
George Washington University
Johnson Louis Professor of Management, Professor of Economics
Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management

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